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Amazon Enhances Its Virtual Private Cloud

For a lot of companies, the first steps they take toward cloud computing is to set up a virtual private cloud. It’s a way of dipping their feet in the water by moving data that has traditionally been located on-site to a public cloud provider, but in such way that the only way anyone can get to it is through a virtual private network–a VPN–just like what you probably use to reach your corporate network when you’re traveling.

Companies who are initially wary of the whole cloud computing thing, but eager to take advantage of the cost savings it enables, often first move into Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud, or VPC, a secure portion of Amazon Web Services, or AWS. Today, Amazon said it has extended the capabilities of its virtual private network so that you don’t have to use an annoying VPN to take advantage of it.

Instead, companies can now set up their virtual networks on Amazon and make them look just like they did before the move to the cloud. Customers have total control over the networking environment, including assigning IP address and other critical settings, including deep control over who can access the data, how, and under what conditions. For example, you can store data in S3, the storage portion of Amazon’s cloud, and set detailed permissions so that only people first signed in to your VPC instance can access it. The new features are enabled today.