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Amazon Gets Into the Bulk Email Game

Web retailer and cloud-computing concern Amazon launched a cloud-based email service today that it says is aimed at bulk and transactional email services. Amazon calls it Simple Email Service, and it is intended to provide the infrastructure developers and businesses need to send big batches of email by way of an API rather than setting up internal mail servers or contracting with third-party mailing services.

It’s connected to Amazon’s existing cloud services, so sending mail from applications already hosted on services like EC2 should be easy. Messages will cost 10 cents per thousand, and customers can send up to 2,000 per day for free when the messages originate from within an application already running on EC2 or Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon’s new service for Java developers.

Amazon named two customers already using the service: Eyejot, a video-messaging service, is using it for sending transactional messages. Another is Neustar, a managed service provider that handles domain-name queries, which is using it to ensure smooth delivery of mail related to signup for services.